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Fifth Annual Creative Storage Conference

Posted by Samuel Eiferman on 16th March 2011 in Storage Media

The Fifth Annual Creative Storage Conference (CS11) will be held Tuesday June 28, 2011 at the Radisson Hotel West Los Angeles in Culver City, CA.  This event brings together digital storage providers, equipment and software manufacturers and professional media and entertainment end users to explore the conference theme of content storage drivers in the studio and the cloud.

BlueArc is joining as a Silver Sponsor and exhibitor.  Media and organization sponsors include Absolute Marketing, Coughlin Associates, Createasphere, Digital Cinema Society, Digital Production Buzz, Home Toys, InfoStor, MediaTech Association, M &E Tech, Post, RDC and SMPTE.

This one-day conference and exhibits brings together the vendors, end users, researchers and visionaries that will meet growing demand for digital storage for content capture, editing, archiving and content distribution.  At CS11 you can find out the latest developments in digital storage for media and entertainment and network with industry professionals.

Presentations are now being solicited for the 2011 Creative Storage Conference.  You can submit speakers/panelists for this premier event at   We have a great agenda planned with 5 sessions throughout the day.  There will also be two keynote talks during the conference and perhaps a sponsored reception in the evening.  The conference agenda is available at

Sponsorships and exhibits are available for the 2011 Creative Storage Conference.  Several levels of conference, web site and event sponsorship are available as well as a table-top exhibits.  Information on the sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are available at  There is also information there on how to reserve your sponsorship or exhibit.

Conference registration is also open.  You can register to attend at:

2011 Storage Visions Conference Speaker Submissions, Registration Open

Posted by Samuel Eiferman on 18th August 2010 in Storage Media

San Jose, CA-The Tenth Annual Storage Visions Conference will be held at the Riviera Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 4 & 5, 2011 by the Entertainment Storage Alliance.

Join CEO’s, industry leaders, manufacturers, and end users at Storage Visions 2010 in a relaxed and informative environment where you can network with world changers and industry titans and discover the trends that will drive economic recovery and new profitability. Event management is planning a series of special events and activities for the 10th anniversary event including four exciting keynotes.

Following are preliminary conference sessions:

A1: Storage for Content Creation and Post Production This session addresses digital storage and the requirements for capturing, editing and archiving content. The industry is being transformed by file-based workflows, as major studios and theatres embrace digital cinema and high resolution 3D content and as ever larger content libraries are created and maintained.

B1: Finding, Protecting and Using Content This session explores the latest developments in content indexing and searching, including automated metadata generation. It also examines the role digital storage will play in providing greater privacy protection. We’ll also look at new products and specifications that will make content more secure as well as easier to find and use.

C1: Analyst Perspectives: What’s New in Storage Technology, Media and Entertainment and Consumer Storage? What’s the current status of storage device technology and markets for entertainment and personal storage? Learn what VCs are investing in now. What do leading analysts think are the hot new technologies and drivers for growth in professional entertainment and consumer storage markets?

D1: The Future of Computer Storage There are exciting new storage architectures for mobile computer and computer-like devices including thin client Android computers, hybrid and dual storage computers offering the advantages of flash memory and hard disk drives. Find out about the future of computer storage in this session.

E1: The Technology of Storage Find out about the latest in storage technologies such as hard disk drives, solid state drives, flash memory and brand new storage technologies. Learn about the fast new interfaces and standards that will be used to create effective, green and speedy storage devices and networks.

A2: Storing More Stuff in CE Devices Digital storage is crucial to product design from MP3 players to computers. Hear how leading designers of consumer products and storage developers are working together to meet this critical need in the future. Find out the latest in storage technology. What are options to protect and recover your content?

B2: Enabling Technologies for High Resolution ApplicationsHigh resolution content on consumer electronic devices requires more writing and reading, continuous connectivity, greater levels of power and power management, more sophisticated operating systems and other software and new display technologies. Find out about the technologies for making better CE devices and find out about amazing products that will change our world and boost digital storage demand.

C2: Cloud Storage for Consumers and Enterprises Distributing content as well as on-line back-up and disaster recovery are driving demand for remote storage. This session exposes the storage requirements and trends for on-line content delivery and remote storage. Learn about new business opportunities and how they’ll impact the growth and use of storage in this growing market.

D2: The Future of Content Delivery Find out about the latest trends in physical content distribution including optical and solid state approaches. Learn about how digital signage depends upon storage. Hear about technologies that promise to provide comprehensive and reliable network access to commercial and personal content. Can physical distribution compete against or live with content downloading?

E2: Personal Home Storage: Saving, Sharing and Protecting Family Content As home storage requirements increase we need new ways to organize, backup, share and manage our personal and commercial content. Find out about the technology and business models enabling direct attached and networked storage for consumers. This is one of the biggest growth areas in consumer storage-find out why. Conference registration is now open. To register for SV 2011 go to:  <>

2010 Creative Storage Conference Looks at Media Content Archiving and Preservation

Posted by Samuel Eiferman on 15th July 2010 in Storage Media

—Tom Coughlin to give Keynote Talk—

San Jose, CA—July 15, 2010—The Fourth Annual Creative Storage Conference (CS10) will be held Tuesday August 3, 2010 at the Radisson Hotel West Los Angeles in Culver City, CA. This event brings together digital storage providers, equipment and software manufacturers, interested analysts and press as well as end users to explore the conference theme of: Storage in the Third Dimension.

Session D, moderated by Larry Joe Wojdacz, Innovative Disruptionist, is titled: Keeping the good stuff to last: Content Archiving and Asset Management. Find out how digital content libraries will survive ever changing digital formats and storage devices and how we can assure that our valuable content is available when and where we need it. Learn about surprising and valuable developments in content archiving and content management to make sure our content libraries are resilient, strong and useful. Session participants include:

? Tom Goldberg, Cache-A
? Tony Cahill, Media Distributors
? Jonathan Otis, Quantum
? Richard Hennessy, IBM
? Jess Hartman, ProMAX Systems

Q&A Panel:
• Sean McKee, IVC/Point 360

The full CS10 agenda and speakers are posted on the Creative Storage Conference web site ( We have a full day of exciting presentations and discussions on digital storage and professional media and entertainment. Conference registration is open through July 27, 2010. You can register to attend at:

Dr. Thomas Coughlin, president of Coughlin Associates, will give the morning keynote talk titled, Content Lives where Storage Thrives: Media and Entertainment Create New Demand and Requirements for Digital Storage. Using material developed while researching the recently released 2010 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report (Coughlin Associates, 2010) he will show how professional media and entertainment applications are creating new tiers of storage to support the unique requirements for video storage and management and how these developments will enable richer creative experiences, more options for distributing and using content, longer lasting archives and more immersive entertainment.

SanDisk and Active Storage have joined as Bronze for the 2010 Creative Storage Conference as well as sponsor of session C. In addition NetApp is a Platinum Sponsor as well as the Conference Bag Sponsor. Isilon is a Silver Sponsor as well as Session C sponsor. Western Digital and DataDirect Networks are also Bronze sponsors. ProMAX and AIC are exhibitors. Digital Production Buzz, Media and Entertainment Services Alliance, Media and Entertainment Tech, Home Toys, Media Tech, ProductionHub, Coughlin Associates and the Entertainment Storage Alliance are media and organization sponsors.

There are still a limited number of high profile sponsorships and exhibits available for the 2010 Creative Storage Conference. These offer a significant exposure to LA entertainment professionals. Information on the sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are available at

For additional information on the conference call 408-978-8184 or email The Creative Storage Conference is put on by the Entertainment Storage Alliance ( and Coughlin Associates (